Grow relationships as a team.

GoodProspect is a collaborative CRM that keeps all your contacts and communication channels in one place.

Beauty and intelligence combined into one CRM that your team will love using everyday.

Connect your teams across communication channels and reveal practical insights derived from daily analytics.

Track activity across every touchpoint.

Every contact has an activity wall where you can watch their story emerge. Email correspondence, social interaction, and anything you connect from your larger ecosystem of business apps can be automatically consolidated in one place.

Contact Profile

Bring your teams together.

Incoming messages are routed to the proper channel and teams can share responsibility with collaborative inboxes. Individuals can be assigned ownership of any message and private commenting allows for internal discussion.

Learn from data science.

Refine strategy and develop better instincts guided by clear analysis from daily analytics. In addition to traditional reporting, GoodProspect displays practical insights about contacts and interactions within daily operations.

Connect with your other business tools.

In addition to social and email integration (Gmail, 365, Exchange), GoodProspect was built on top of an open API (input & output) so you can easily connect with your larger environment of business tools.

Coming Soon.

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